I’ve made my first appointment with the doctor to arrange for inoculations and malaria tablets. The area of Tanzania I’m going is pretty bad for Malaria, so I’m hoping to get the most information I can. http://www.preventingmalaria.info/index.cfm gives a pretty good review of what is required. I’ll take whatever is necessary as I don’t really want to come home with an unwanted souvenir! I have been to malarial countries before so have already invested in a couple of light long sleeved shirts and skirts. I’ll be taking some trusty Avon Skin so Soft which we used all the time when we lived in the Scottish Borders. The Royal Marines use it apparently It is the best thing ever for scottish midges so might come in handy for mossies also. I will also buy some ‘proper’ repellant and have been advised that it needs to contain diethyltoluamide commonly known as deet. You can seriously terrify yourself reading about malaria, but I’ll try my best to follow the advice of those who know. I’m currently on the market for a straw hat but there don’t seem to many on sale in Skipton in January.