I noted on my packing list from Tukae that I need sun screen – in February! – oh the excitement the excitement. They are only 5 degrees south of the Equator, the furthest South I’ve ever been. I did go to Kenya in the 80’s. Anyway, I went into Lancaster today to buy unperfumed sunscreen. No problem – unlike when I was growing up in the sixties, my Mum used to lather us in olive oil and vinegar – and Sarsons malt vinegar at that. It did nothing at all to prevent burning but did make us smell like a badly dressed salad. Olive oil was something you got from the chemist and was used for coating children in hot weather or warming up and dripping into same child’s ear if they had ear ache. Some of the treatments handed out by my mother were astonishing in their, well brutality. When I had a cold she would make me drink hot milk (which I can’t bear to this day) and ‘Indian Brandy’. I still don’t know what it was but just that it tasted disgusting. Along with having my back rubbed with Vick and having to wear a liberty bodice all winter (not the same one you understand) – complete with saints’ medals sewn onto it – Nope I’ve no idea either!