I know this isn’t about my trip to Africa but I had to put something down about my trip to South Manchester yesterday. The forecast was for strong winds and most of the rain had already fallen, although the river at the back of my house was at the highest I have ever seen it. I eventually got to the college in Cheadle Hume but did see a lorry overturned on the North bound side of the M60. I left at 1 pm to set off home in what is normally a one hour or so journey. Remembering the overturned lorry I decided to go north via the western half of the M60. Whether this was a bad idea I’ll never know but it became a nightmare. All went well for about 4 miles, then the traffic backed up and I crawled along for about a mile and eventually passed the inevitable HGV vehicle on its side. It looks wrong, these great big beasts laid on their sides, with all their undersides exposed. My relief at getting passed was short lived as the traffic slowed to a standstill almost straight away. An hour later I had reached junction 9, Trafford Park. The traffic wasn’t moving at all and all HGV’s were being directed off the motorway as the bridge between 10 and 11 was closed to them. I decided that it would be quicker to try and battle my way through the city. Unfortunately, so did a lot of other people. The place was gridlocked. By the time I’d been in the car for 3 hours, I had travelled 8 miles. I did consider finding a room and staying the night as I’m due there again today but I battled on. I crossed the M60 again just south of Bury and it was still crawling so I went through Bury centre to reach the M66. Despite my now lifting spirits, I hit yet another backlog of cars and pulled aside to let the 10th emergency vehicle go passed. I finally got home five and a half hours after setting off – totally exhausted! Ho hum – back down there again this morning.