I bought a guide book for Tanzania last week – not a lonely planet but a publisher I hadn’t seen before – footprint guide. I just liked the look of it. Briefly flicking through it last night I found the north coast and would you believe it Amani, which is the nearest village to Steve and Emau Hill where they actually live is mentioned – yay.

For those without a detailed knowledge of the continent of Africa here is a map showing Tanzania two thirds of the way down on the right hand side (Known as the East to geographers!) It is south of Kenya and north of Malawi and Mozambique. A more detailed map of Tanzania showing the coastal region of Tanga opposite the island of Pemba. Amani is about 50 Km inland from there. Apparently you can see the Indian Ocean from there.

The official capital is now Dodoma where the administration and government are now based, rather than the traditional capital Dar es Salaam. If you click on the link to Dodoma it gives the meaning of the name being ‘It has sunk’. Not terribly romantic is it?