A comment by Dave on the Guide Book posting prompted me to post this. I’ve been really thinking hard about what books to take. The Sunday Times reviewed an interesting book this week on the war between German East Africa (Tanzania) and British East Africa (Kenya) as a remote but intense part of the First World War which Dave mentions in his comments. It was a particularly bloody and bizarre conflict which lasted 14 days longer than the war in Europe – probably as a result of the limited communications. I’ve created a tiny url with a preview facility so folks don’t have to worry about opening something a bit dodgy. http://preview.tinyurl.com/25dhgr

Much as I would like to read that sometime, it is a hard back and not I think suitable for travelling. I’m torn between something relevant – Dave suggested Flame trees of Thikka or Out of Africa – both of which I’ve read. I have a number of unread books on the shelf, but knowing me will buy something specifically for the trip. I’ll need something interesting but also some trash for the plane/hanging around in airports. (I have a 3 hour wait at Dubai!! – more of which later) All suggestions gratefullyrecieved.