I’ve just been talking to Pia my sister in law who is still in Denmark and travels out to Africa next weekend. They have lots of visitors the weekend that I arrive so Steve won’t be able to meet me. Instead they have arranged for me to stay on the beach just south of Dar es Salaam at a place called Kipepeo Beach Camp. It looks just idyllic and I’m not at all fazed by being on my own and am really looking forward to it. I’ll stay there two nights then get the bus up to Muheza just inland from Tanga on the Wednesday. Just to give you a flavour of the camp here is a picture of the beach.

Kipepeo Beach

Looks idyllic! The last time I was in Africa we stayed in Mombasa and the beach there had such white sand that you had to shield your eyes from the reflection from it. So instead of putting your hand over your eyebrows, you had to hold it sort of over your nose. You can see more about the camp intself here. It is situated at Mjimwema which is a small fishing village south of Dar es Salaam. 20 days to go!

I’ve also just found this!


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