Well I survived the injections but have to go back next week as the practice’s regular delivery of Yellow Fever vaccines hadn’t arrived. Next Friday is the latest that I can have it it takes 10 days to become effective. The nurse was really helpful and full of knowledge about what to take and what to wear and all that sort of stuff. She also gave me a print out of all the other horrible dreadful diseases that could befall me, including Anthrax, Dengue fever, HIV and the Plague! So the message is, use lots of insect repellant and don’t swim or paddle in fresh water.

This morning I’ve been to the hairdressers for a ‘haircut for Africa’. As I presume that hair straighteners aren’t the most useful thing there, I went to have my hair layered more so I can leave it to dry naturally. Nicola as usual did a fantastic job and didn’t bat an eye when I said ‘I’m going to Africa in two weeks time’. I suppose hairdressers get used to people going on about odd things. They must hear some strange tales.