Well we’ve still not had any snow here in N Yorks. However, it was trying to snow in Preston yesterday, which was bizarre as I was attending a Change Management workshop at the University of Central Lancashire and the room we were in had the air conditioning on!! There were twenty two of us sitting there with scarves and coats on with dew drops on the end of our noses. Of course, getting the heating turned back on proved too difficult and all the extra heaters had gone to the creche. We moved rooms.

It was also my baby’s birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday Lorna. Still can’t believe she is 19.

rainbow_small.jpgPhoto taken from Emau Hill by Steve.

Anyway, I was going to write about Tukae partners. This is the volunteering arm of the work that Steve and Pia do. They have a partner organisation in Denmark and they co-ordinate and organise a number of voluteering packages. They’ve had all sorts of people go out there to help at the school or with the health posts. The Tukae partners site also has a link to Amazon so if you need to buy anything and go through this link to the Amazon site, a small percentage goes to Tukae.