Well I’m feeling a bit groggy today which may be as a result of the Yellow Fever innoculation I had yesterday.  The nurse did warn me this may happen.  It was a bit of a chaotic afternoon really.  Yesterday was the 9th and the last day that I could have the injection, as it takes 10 days to be effective and I land in Tanzania on the 19th.  So when my boiler decided to stop working at 4 o clock I had a slight panic – bearing in mind the weather at the moment.  It is at times like this that a man around the house is really missed!  I rang round various friends and even vague acquaintences and eventually a friend of a friend, a valiant chap called Paul said he would come over from Bradford.  I then realised my appointment with the nurse was at 4.30 so would have to go down to the practice.  I rang him on his mobile and told him I’d leave the door open for him.  Bless him as the nurse was plunging the needle into my arm he rang to say he had reset it and all was well.  I got home to a warm house and no sign of anyone having been in.  So can I say a big thank you to the lovely Paul whoever you are.