I start my course of malaria tablets tomorrow so thought I’d look up what it is I’m actually taking.  The drug I’ve got is called malerone and it has two comoponents – proguanil and atovaquone.  Well I’m glad that’s clear then.  Malaria is a pretty horrible disease and is the greatest health issue where Steve and Pia are living.  They have already set up four or five health posts where they have trained staff who can identify the type of malaria that people have from a blood sample.  There are various strains of malaria depeding on the type of protozoa that is causing the infection.  They are all of the strain plasmodium but the more serious form is from the protozoan plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falcifarum and these are the ones which are present in sub-saharan Africa.  The disease is spread by the female anopheles mosquito, so no mossie bites, no malaria.  No I’m not too scared, knowledge is power man!  I just don’t want to come back with an unwelcome souvenir.