Well the day has dawned – well actually it hasn’t yet but will be doing soon – I’ve just checked and it’s due to rise at 7.13 am. Yes that’s how sad I am. Well I’ve still not packed but the piles of clothes and stuff are all sorted so it’s just a question of putting them in the various bags. I rang the airline
yesterday to check that I could take more than one bag and I can so I’ll be taking a rucksack and a bag. I’ve transferred everything into the various pockets and the round the neck wallet that is recommended. I don’t fly till 8.00 pm tonight but will spend most of the day travelling down to Gatwick. So it’s off to Dubai where we land at 7.00 am local time tomorrow. This sounds really civilised doesn’t it, then you check the time difference and Dubai is 4 hours ahead of the UK. So that would be 3.00 am then! Oh well, I’m a good sleeper and have actually purchased a blow up cushion so that I won’t end up with my head collapsed onto my shoulder and have drool dribbling down my arm. I’ll just have a soggy cushion round my neck. Then I get the 10 am flight to Dar Es Salaam and Henry will be there to pick me up. Anyway, the whole point of going and this blog is to publicise the work my brother Steve is doing up in the East Usambaras with Tukae. So wish me luck and I’ll try and text Kev on a regular basis. Phew, yeah, well, sort of – here goes.  Oh yeah – happy Chinese New Year all.