I was getting a bit worried as I hadn’t got any text messages from Lisa as expected, but then this morning I recieved the following message by email. – Kev

Well I’m here.  The phone isn’t working but I can email Kevin with the text
and he’s going to post stuff up for me.  I had a very good journey, but was
pretty tired when I eventually got to Kipepeo.  My goodness what a place to unwind and relax.
It is just blissful and I spent an idyllic day and a half there in the most
delightful little banda which are so cleverly designed and made with local materials and labour.
Anyway after an early start yesterday (5.15) I got on the bus to Tanga.
I’ll write more later about

the beurocracy – my goodness they like their paper work!  The bus trundled
up the coast and I knew we were approaching Tanga but wasn’t sure which was
the main stop.  At one particular stop a lot of people started getting off the bus, I looked up and
a chap was standing at the door of the coach.  Oh he looks just like my brother
– oh my goodness!  If he hadn’t got on I would have ended up in Mombasa!  Anyway, it was great
to see him and I’m not sure which of the two of us was most excited. So lunch
at the TAnga yacht club was followed by a shopping experience like no other I’ve encountered.  The
man at the market let me taste a passion fruit – believe me they are nothing like the ones in Tesco!

I was enraptured with them he gave me a bag for free!

Shopping over, we set off for AMani.  We soon left the metalled road and
started up the mountain.  When the guide book says, 4×4 only, it means it.
The road had potholes, rocks, and the final 7Km had 12 hairpin bands!  Eventually we arrived and
Pia came out to meet us.  They have a beautiful house which I’ll write about
later, but there is an avacado tree in the garden dripping with fruit and the place is just exquisite.
So we are just about to have porridge for breakfast and then go up to Emau
hill and see the project and what is happing.  I’ve been giving strict instructions on how
to greet different people – just hope I get it right!  Ok I’ll email Kevin
later in the week with more

news – oh one last thing.  I woke this morning to the sun rising over the
mountain – just beautiful.