Well here I am in Tanga on the coast about 50 Km from Amani.  We had a massive lightning strike a couple of days ago which took out both the phone signal and the electricity – hence no communcation from me.  I’m in an internet cafe which is pretty slow, so I thought it easier to email Kevin than try to post direct to the blog.  It is very VERY hot – I’ve been shopping at one of the many fabric shops this morning and seem to have bought masses, but it all came to GBP 8.

I’ve so enjoyed my stay here and it has been just as I imagined but also quite different, if that makes sense.  I’ve loads of photos and stuff and will write more extensively when I get back.  Yesterday, Pia and I were invited to the house of their house girl who was just delightful.  I’ve bought her a Kanga today to say thank you.  Her husband at one point brought in a live chicken for Pia to take away; I must have looked horrified and so they decided that she will bring it – ready to cook, to the house tomorrow as a leaving present for me.  The people here are not only very generous, welcoming and friendly but so attractive.  I’ve been shopping this morning with Maria who is in charge of the Women’s workshop and she is such a stunner.  I’ve bought quite a lot of stuff from the workshop, including spice bags for all the staff at work.  The nuns at the local church who make these heard about it and turned up at the house the other night with a kilo of cloves!!

So we’ll be setting off for Dar Es Salaam early on Saturday morning and again spending the night at Kipepeo beach.  This is a great place to sort of – transfer from one continent to another.  I might just be able to get my feet clean.  After this holiday, I now understand all those stories in the bible about washing feet!  I have seen rather a lot of my feet as I’ve sort of ‘slept for England’ while I’ve been here.  Beleive me it’s been blissful.  So if I don’t manage to post again I’ll try and update the blog when  get home on Monday lunchtime – well once I’ve had a sleep (I’m really good at it you know!).

PS I’ve also made a  point of not checking my work emails!    Lisa xx