Well here I am taking over the blog again.  Thanks to Kevin for ‘blog sitting’ for me.  I’m actually standing in a sort of bus shelter type affair with about 10 pc’s at Dubai International Airport.  I arrived an hour or so ago and the gates won’t open for my connecting flight for another couple of hours. It’s midnight here but about 8 pm in the UK.  The first part of the journey back has been fine and we had a good meal and I watched Casino Royale – how delicious is that man! 

Yesterday we drove up to Dar Es Saalam from Amani.  We had an early start (5 am) and saw a spectacular sunrise over the mountains just as we drove onto the main highway.  I can’t say I was sorry to leave the dirt road – a few miles isn’t too bad but 40 Km is really tiring.  You feel like you’ve done a work out by the time you get to the end.  Also if you are in the back, each bump sees you heading upwards towards the roof and then you land back and your bum hits the metal at the bottom of the seat – an interesting experience.  I will never complain about the A 59 from  Skipton to Harrogate ever again.  We got to Dar for lunchtime and went to a lovely hotel overlooking the coast for a lovely lunch.  Having been almost completely vegetarian for the last two weeks – apart from the last night chicken – more later, I went for meat option and had a fantastic ‘surf and turf’ fillet steak and huge king prawns.  What’s more I ate the lot which is saying something for me.  We eventually made it to Kipepeo for about 6 pm.  Again this is such a lovely place to relax and chill either before or after a flight.  So Steve deposited me at the airport this afternoon and insisted on staying with me as long as possible (to make sure I actually got on the flight and left the country – aren’t brothers wonderful).  So here I am half way back.  I should be landing at Gatwick at about 6.30 am. 

It’s been a fantastic experience and I’ll definitely do it again.  More later.