As you can see from the header, I’ve downloaded the photos from my trip. As usual despite having taken over 250 of them, I realise I haven’t got enough. There are loads of things that I should have taken but didn’t. So I thought I would introduce the main cast. Firstly Pia and Steve my brother and lovely sister in law. Pia is a very small but certainly great Dane and Steve is well Steve!

This was taken at a lovely hotel by the sea at Dar Es Salaam on the Saturday before we left. Yes that is ketchup on the table and of course chilli sauce!

hadija-small.JPG I’ve put Hadija in next as when I left, she had malaria – so get well soon Hadija. She is seen here modelling one of the aprons which they make at the Women’s workshop. She is in fact standing outside on the verandah of the workshop.


Finally I thouoght I’d just show the main view that I had for much of the time I was there. Yep – those are my feet! I did say I slept a lot. This is the view from the dining banda up at Emau Hill. More peeps later.