A theme seems to have crept into the photos. What is that strange blue thing? OK it isn’t in this photo of the men being manly. This is Clive one of the volunteers and Steve in typical alpha male pose on the house steps.


But lo – what is this Clive is holding?


Could it be – yes it is – a TechDis travel mug. How did that get there?


And the girls have one also. This is (clockwise from the top) Anya, Alex and Lauren – all also volunteers and they are sporting the best in blog cards for this very blog. I think Kizzi was being domestic in the kitchen.

There may be a theme appearing her. Good gracious – and Steve seems to have got in on the act.


Is this the most travelled TechDis travel mug in theworld. I know Sal the boss went to India last year but – did the mug go??

On a more serious note, I got emails from Clive and Kizzi yesterday, they are stranded in Tanga with a poorly Toyota and Steve and Pia are stuck in Dar. Life in Africa – never straight forward. Sigh – oh well at least it is sunny here, the daffodils are out and there are lambs in the field. And yes Kate I will take some photos of the lambs!!