I arrived at Kipepeo about 5-ish on the Monday evening. Once I had registered I was taken through what seemed to be a gap in the bushes. This proved to be a delightful path. I did intend to take a photo at night as it really is spectactular, but each time I went down I was either on my way to or from the bar and had other priorities!Path

As you get through the passage you come across a line of individual bandas and these are the rooms.


Downstairs is a bathroom and cloakroom with shower and stuff and upstairs is a huge raised bed facing the balcony and the sea. The onshore breeze ensures that it stays comfortable despite the very hot temperatures and at the back of the room is a well for the want of a better word, a blind which when lifted provides a through draft to increase the comfort factor.


The bandas are made from local materials by local craftsmen.


Yes I did use the hammock and yes it is very comfortable!


On day two I got up with the knowledge that I had nothing to do and all day to do it in. So after a breakfast that ensured I’d had my ‘five a day’ by nine o clock (mango, papaya, water melon, pineapple, banana and orange!) I went down to the beach for a while. It is so hot, I had to use factor 30 sun cream so didn’t sit out for too long. After lunch I retired to the banda and dozed in the hammock for about 3 hours. It really was that good. I had to leave at 5.30 the following day so I took advantage of chance to, well do nothing.