I quickly became quite addicted to the bread that we had both at Steve’s house and up at Emau Hill, so Pia arranged for me to go for ‘bread making instruction”. Immaculata, was her new house girl and she was going up there on the Tuesday morning so I tagged along and asked stupid questions. We were given instruction by MamaHappy. She is called this because her first born child is called Happy, so I would be called MamaKate (sorry Jen Sal and Lorna!) Anyway we had some assistance in the shape of Hilda who is MamaHappy’s sister and Gelina who helps in the kitchen.


From the left, Immaculata, Gelina, Hilda and MamaHappy. First part of the process and kneading the dough.


After rising, the dough is rolled and then split up into small balls. These are then rolled out so make pitta bread shapes.


So far, so well, bread making is much the same as here. The difference is in the cooking. The pot above is a charcoal burner as there is no electricity at Emau Hill, and that is a heavy iron griddle on the top. Believe me the smell is delicious and they taste just as good, both fresh and toasted.

I tried this at home last weekend – having bought a heavy sort of skillet. And yes they did taste good when they were first cooked but rapidly hardened to the cobblestones of the title. I’ll have another go next weekend!

This is one of my favourite photos of the whole visit. Gelina is such a delightful girl, full of fun and always always smiling.


Oh and what are Gelina and MamaHappy holding?


Yay – it’s the TechDis travel mug! By the way they are wearing kangas. These are lengths of cloth usually died in different colours and wrapped around in all sort of different ways. I’l tell more in another post.