There were five volunteers working at Tukae up at Emau Hill when I was there, and two of the girls were teaching English at the local primary schools and – here all British primary school teachers will quake – teaching classes of up to 120 children! So who were these parragons – Alex and Kizzi.


This is Alex who I would like to say is partaking of a strange African ritual but is in fact trying to reduce the amount of irritation caused by a wasp sting. As you can see she was rather giggly!alex2.JPG

The school is actually 6 Km down the hill near to Steve and Pia’s house and they walk there and back every day. Alex even did the walk back up the hill in 52 minutes one day – bear in mind the temperature was in the 30’s.

The other teaching vounteer is Kizzi from Cornwall.


Kizzi at the front of the dining banda with the dog Ngomo. To promounce the dog’s name you sort of have to swallow your tongue at the front of the word. Kizzi is an internet fiend and instead of tearing up the hill at lunchtime after school she would visit the Research Station close by where they have an internet cafe.

And what has Kizzi got here?


Good grief – it’s that travel mug again!