Steve and Pia’s house is about 6 Km down the hill from Emau near to the village of Amani. We did a bit of walking round there and did the walk up to Emau on the middle weekend that I was there. The topography is amazing with the huge plants and trees giving way to cultivated areas near to each of the houses. It’s not quite tropical and I think the correct term for it is sum-montane forest. Anyway it’s very pretty!pathemau.JPG

That’s Chica one of the dogs in the foreground. There are some amazingly big plants and ferns also – I did say I’d taken a lot of photos of plants.


I don’t know if you can tell but the tree in the picture above has its trunk completely covered by a house plant! It is a Monstera or what is usually referred to as a Swiss Cheese Plant. Pia is standing near the bottom to give an idea of scale.


Another Swiss Cheese Plant, in the garden up at Emau. The other plant in there with a more traditional shaped leaf is a coffee plant.


We also saw loads of big tree ferns. I suppose I should have found out what this was called but alas, I failed.


The path showing the red soil. Each of the houses cultivated a small amount of land, usually with bananas or pineapples.


The furthest bit of this picture was in fact a boating lake for the Mzungu (white people) in colonial days. Now it just looks pretty.

And finally – this little dot used to wave her arms and grin every time we went past. The day I asked for permission to take her photo she refused point blank to smile, but she’s a cracker anyway.