There is one member of the team up at Emau Hill that I haven’t mentioned. She was quite new and was only just learning her job. She was also quite young and inexperienced. The dining banda has no running water but there is a great fresh stream about 250 ft down the hill. Most of the water is brought up by MamaMaji who carries it up in plastic containers on her head. This is then filtered and stored in a large plastic tank. The water is then put into commercial plastic bottles and left in the sunlight for three to four hours. The UV radiation kills all the pathogens. Nobody has been ill in the last seven years from contaminated water. I digress, this carrying of water up the hill hundreds of times a week is a massive job that everyone helped with. So the new team player was being trained while I was there. She had managed 2 one gallon containers at the same time and had just moved on to five gallon containers. Of course she is a donkey – who with great originality was called Jenny. Though to be honest she was mostly referred to as ‘do-n-key’ but with a faux scottish accent like Shrek

Here she is eating a bit of Steve’s garden!


I also forgot to take a photo with the TechDis travel mug – damn!