At the Women’s workshop they make a number of different types of bags. In fact Pia and I spent a day there doing some development and came up with a new design – but more of that later. The ones that they already make are really good quality and are made of either canvas, batik or a traditional printed material called Kitenga. Before I left we set up a ‘washing line’ outside the workshop to show off the different types of bags. I had intended to take them to a local shop but I could have sold everyone that I brought back 10 times over.

So – here are our little promotional photos.bags1.JPG

They really do look great and they all are lined and have a zip pocket inside.


The workshop also makes dolls – as you can see sitting on the chair.


Pia hiding behind them – I’m actually using the green one for a work bag at the moment.


The canvas bag with the elephant batik is our prototype. Not bad for 4 hours work – note the ‘added value’ with the braids.