On the Thursday of the second week, Steve had to go to Tanga for some shopping. We left very early – about six-ish and it was then that I took the photo at the top of this blog. Just because I like it I’m going to put it in again.


I actually saw this every morning as just by opening one eye I could look out of the window from my bedroom and see the sun climbing over the mountain in the distance. Anyway, Clive brought Maria and Rosa down from Emau Hill. Rosa is the cook – and a fantastic one at that can I add and she was shopping with Steve. Maria had a dubious pleasure of going fabric shopping with me.clive.JPG

Ooh look – clive with a TechDis travel mug – gracious it does get around!mariasmall.JPG

Maria is a real stunner and a lovely girl too. She not only is in charge of the workshop but is starting to do the buying of fabric and is keeping the books.

Once we got down to Tanga and my it was a hot and bumpy ride we went straight to a cafe for breakfast. I couldn’t help laughing at the spoof menu. This was the sign outside.roadkill.JPG

You kill it – we grill it. And inside the menu was even more detailed.


Can I just add for those of a nervous disposition, it is a joke. It came from a diner in America but it did make me laugh. I think the daily special is just soooooo sick – Guess the Mess – if you can guess what it is you can eat it for FREE! I’ll talk about the shopping another time – it is fun!