Tanga was hot, very hot. It is just under a thousand metres down from Emau Hill and it makes a big difference to the temperature. After breakfast, Steve Clive and Rosa went of to the market and other places and Maria and I walked down the road to the fabric shops. Oh my what fun we had. There you can buy Kanga’s which are the lengths of fabric which the women wear wrapped around them in all sorts of creative ways. There are also lengths of kitenga which are the printed material which is used for some of the bags. As well as getting loads of lining materials and cottons for the workshop Maria chose some lengths of these. I however, was a bit like a kiddie in a sweet shop and was ‘I’ll have two of those and one of those, and oh let me see – yes I’ll have some of that’. I seemed to have spent a fortune and when I took it to the till it came to about £4! I couldn’t believe it. It was all wrapped up and we carried it off back to the cafe for a cold drink. I realise now that I didn’t take anywhere nearly enough photographs as it would have been nice to have some pictures of Tanga, the shops etc, just to give a feel of the place. We met the others and Rosa and Maria went off to do their own thing – which was have their hair done. They are earning their own money and it means they can afford a few luxuries. We went off to the Yacht Club where we met Stan and Sandra from Zimbabwe. That is another story.