This is going to be very short as I’m off for yet another meeting. I went to a one day conference at the University of Leeds yesterday. It was great to be able to go to an event on the train and to be back in Leeds, which is a great city. The event was sponsored by Edutxt who are a company who specialise in managing SMS messages for use in education. What a great day and there was so much innovative and creative stuff around. Andy Black was a great keynote speaker and we even got another chance to watch Catherine Tate and Tony Blair. Go on it’s worth watching again! Most of the stuff is reported on Andy’s site so won’t say much more here. Though the presentation from the guys at East Coast College was so good. While I was there I also popped in to see my colleagues from the other side of the Pennines who were doing a day’s event on e-portfolios. I even managed to sneek into a session on ELGG. So a good day all together. Probably the most astonishing part of the day was that I managed to walk past Primark on my way back down to the station!