I did spend a lot of time back at the house, just relaxing/sleeping. It’s amazing how the body sort of realises that this is a holiday and goes into recovery mode. I would sit down to read and the next thing I knew I’d be asleep – and this is 2 hours after getting up from at least 8 hours sleep! Oh well, I just reckoned it was because I needed it and just enjoyed it. As I’ve mentioned before, I was awake most mornings by sunrise and just used to potter out to the front steps to sort of come to terms with the day.


Here is a fine example of why you should look properly at what you are photographing – otherwise you end up with a picture showing loo cleaner on the table!  I had put it there to remind us to get some when we went shopping and hadn’t removed it before I took the shot.  So above is a picture of the table on the verandah where we ate and an empty bottle of harpic or something.

Before me everyday however, Anton would be out in the garden either cutting grass or gardening. Cutting grass consists of swinging a massive long and very sharp blade which is pretty lethal if in the wrong hands. Anton is the house boy and he looks after the house and dogs when Pia and Steve are back in Europe. He is a great gardener and was planting loads of vegetables and flowers when I was there.


He would have already been up, boiled the kettle and filled a flask with hot water. This was then left on the sideboard so we could help ourselves to tea or coffee.


Sitting here in a wet and dreary Yorkshire writing about my time there makes me determined to go back.