While I was in Tanzania, there was much discussion about the situation in Zimbabwe. The first conversation I had about it was with two barmen at Kipepeo. They were very knowledgable and extremely vocal about the regime of Robert Mugabe which is again in the Uk press. They were interesting young men and very very opinionated and politically aware. I can’t actually report exactly what they said of the situation in Zimbabwe but suffice to say they were not happy about it.


So here are Miraj on the left and Hadiki on the right. They also gave me a lesson in Kiswahili which I recorded and if I get round to it will edit it and post it here. Yes as you can see – Coca Cola is everywhere, but while I’m on about this, there are no MacDonalds or Starbucks in Tanzania. As a bit of additional information, Kilimanjaro as well as being the highest mountain in Africa is the local brew, and very nice it is. They were very insistant that I knew that Kilimanjaro was in Tanzania. It is there because Queen Victoria ‘gave’ it to her nephew the Kaiser as ‘he likes things that are big and high’. So it was originally in Kenya or what was British East Africa and the border was drawn round it so that it was in German East Africa or Tanzania.