This report on the silliness that today induces brought back memories, the spaghetti tree, San Seriffe and I think once there was one on wipers for BMW badges. The one I particularly liked was done by Patrick Moore the veteran broadcaster.

Martin Wainwright writes in Guardian, “Patrick Moore was an ideal presenter to carry off an astronomical hoax. As weighty as Richard Dimbleby, with an added air of batty enthusiasm that only added to his credibility, he announced on TV on April Fool’s Day 1976 that a “unique astronomical event” was going to occur at 9.47am. As the little planet Pluto passed behind Jupiter, he said, a “gravitational alignment” would reduce the Earth’s gravity for a few moments. Anyone who jumped into the air at 9.47 would experience a strange floating sensation.

They did too – or at least hundreds of them thought they did. The BBC was flooded with appreciative calls from people claiming to have floated, including a woman who said that she and 11 friends had been wafted from their chairs and orbited gently around the room.”

The complete article is here. I’m so gullible I believed most of them, though possibly not a gravitaitonal alignment. A couple of years ago the Radio 4 Today programme did a piece on how Brian Eno was going to do a new arrangement of the Archers theme tune. It took me in.