I had another go at making the Tanganesa Pitta Bread yesterday as I was on the first day of the Easter holidays. I’d made some chunky tomato soup which if I say so myself was pretty good so thought the pittas would go well with it. It was a sort of adaptation of a recipe by Rachel Allen. She recommends putting Chorizo in it but I didn’t have any of that so I used Duchy Originals organic sausages.

Back to the pittas, it’s a very soothing and homely sort of feeling kneading bread. I much prefer it to using a bread making machine. This time I made them slightly bigger and left them to rise for longer. Again they were great when they had just been cooked but I did manage to have the pan too hot at first so the initial ones were a bit black on the outside and gooey inside. However I was worried that they would again turn solid once they had cooled down. I kept them under a couple of clean cloths as they cooled and this time they were much softer. This morning I’ve just ‘toasted’ one of them in they way that Pia toasted them – by cooking them on a hot sort of griddle thing. Brilliant it worked and spread with jam they were delicious.