I think my diet while I was there was probably the healthiest I’ve ever had. There is no electricity up at Emau Hill so meat is out of the question unless Steve has just come back from a shop from Tanga. We ate vegetables, rice and beans – and it was delicious. Pia is a fantastically imaginative and intuitive cook and produced all sorts of salads and combinations of vegetables. It was the mango season while I was there and we had a mango and avocado salad a couple of times – utter bliss. However the person responsible for the cooking at the dining banda was Rosa. Rosa has been with Tukae for a couple of years and is a brilliant cook. rosa.jpg

Along with her assistants, Mama Happy and Gelina she produced meals every day for the volunteers and us.

If we weren’t going to eat at Emau Hill, Pia would ask Immaculata to cook some beans in the afternoon so that we just needed to cook the rice once we got back. My oh my can that lady cook beans – they were so tasty.

As I think I mentioned while I was there we did have chicken on my final night there. It was a gift from Immaculata and her family. She brought the chicken with her to work on the Friday morning. It sat in the corner of the kitchen being sniffed by the dogs and cats but couldn’t really do anything about it as it had its feet tied together. We left shortly after that to go up to Emau Hill. Pia and I were sorting out bags for me to bring back with me and I think I probably drove her mad twittering on about the bloody chicken. Now I know where meat comes from and have no problem with eating it – it’s just the process of getting from being live and having a pulse, to being a nice thing to eat. ‘It will be cooked won’t it?’ was the gist of my twittering. Needless to say it was cooked when we got back and despite any inhibitions I may have had – it was delicious. So thanks little chick – here she is. Happy Easter everyone!