I was delighted yesterday to get a comment on the posting Rains from Althea who is the administrative heart of Tukae. She says – “I’ve read quite a few of your articles about Tukae, Emau Hill, etc with enormous interest. I worked with Stephen and Fr Baruti to set up Tukae in the first place, and try to raise money to support it here in the UK – that’s hard work! Stephen gets the ‘fun’ bit being out there (only kidding, I know how hard it is); I’ve spent six months at Emau Hill altogether over the years and long to go back. Labda badai!

Some of the photos you have are lovely – I’ve had very few recent ones from Stephen (computer difficulties and so on). They make me homesick. Would you be prepared to pass some of them on to the archives I keep? Maybe to use in newsletters, on the website, etc. Also, could we link your blog to the website?”

What a lovely comment and of course I’ll be delighted to be involved with the newsletters and web site. As she says, it is hard work continually trying to raise the money to finance the work that they are doing there. Hopefully we’ll get more of the bags to sell! There are some super limited edition prints from drawings that Steve has done, for sale on the site.


A Peregrine Falcon and below a Merlin.


He is such a talented chap!