I was invited to a Hen party at the weekend. No we didn’t end up carousing round the city centre dressed as angels, or nuns or whatever, but we did drink some lovely wine and share a friend’s garden with three little rescued battery hens. A friend of mine, got the hens through the Battery Hen Welfare Trust which has co-ordinators covering most of the country. These co-ordinators then rescue whatever number of hens they have homes for when a battery shed is due for culling. The three that I met were from a bunch of 190 hens liberated – unfortunately the other thousands of hens in the shed didn’t fare so well. Interestingly there was an article in the Sunday Times this week on the fact that hen keeping is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the suburbs. Anyway, two weeks on these three, Petunia, Gwendoline and Bernard, were having a lovely time pecking and grubbing away in the garden.


This is Bernard, the smallest and most timid – yes she is a girl! They are all laying well at least once a day. You can see she has a lot of feathers missing but hopefully, she’ll grow new fluffy ones after her first moult.