Kevin pointed me towards this great site.  It follows 11 leatherback turtles as they swim from the coast of Costa Rica towards the Galapagos Islands. They are each tagged with satellite tracking devices so that their individual positiion, speed and depth are known at all times.  You can chose your own turtle to cheer on – go Genevieve (currently lying fifth).  As someone cheering on a turtle you get an email each day giving you an update on the race.  Three of the turtles have dived to 300 feet in the last few days giving speculation that there are jelly fish down there.  Windy is in the lead with Billie close behind.  The race commentator Mr Leatherback also has a MySpace profile!  There’s only a further 270 miles to go for the race leaders so it will all be over within a week or so – so check them out.