I’ve just finished a brilliant novel by a young Nigerian woman called – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- yes I did copy that from the cover. It’s called Half of a Yellow Sun and is set in Nigeria in the 1960’s which is when the Biafran war took place. To anyone who was a child in the sixties, Biafra was a by-word for starving children with huge distended bellies suffering from Kwashiorkor, a type of protein deficiency. Whenever we didn’t finish any meal we were told – ‘there’s a starving child in Biafra would love that’ to which the inevitable reply was, ‘well send it to them’, though a friend’s brother used to reply ‘ name three of them’. Biafra is a part of Nigeria which wanted to become independent and the Nigerian government used hunger as a weapon and simply starved the people into submission. Back to the book, it is set in the early and the late sixties, before and during the war, it is powerful, funny and moving and will stay with you.