I noticed that Steve has put a comment on the Malaria post from back in February.  There is an urban myth that brewers yeast or marmite will act as a deterent for mosquitoes.  While Steve and I both fall into the ‘love it’ camp for marmite, it is a tasty spread not a reliable prophylaxis.   As Steve says ‘As malaria can make you very ill and very dead very quickly I don’t think I would want to sign up for any of them. The last person we had out in Tz who was into alternative prophylaxis spent a long time in hospital with v severe malaria. Would that taking brewers yeast or similar was any good – it would make treating people a whole lot easier, a lot cheaper and a lot less children would die. I eat a lot of Marmite and still get malaria.’  Good point, if it were that easy, Mr Bill Gates wouldn’t be spending some of his billions of dollars in a research facility at the hospital in Tanga.  2,000 children a day die of Malaria in Africa.