Last week I had to go to a meeting in Sefton, north of Liverpool. The meeting had finished by mid afternoon so a colleague and I went down to Crosby beach which is only a couple of miles away. I wanted to see the Antony Gormley’s ‘Iron Men’ Gormley probably most famous for his Angel of the North by the A1 at Gatehead has created 100 life size casts of himself. Called Another Place they have then been exhibited previously in Germany, Norway and Belgium and are now arranged along a 3 kilometer stretch of the beach. They are spread up to one kilometre out to sea and all of them stare expectantly in that direction.


The ravages of the wind and the tides have made each one individual.


It is difficult to get the right sort of perspective with a small camera but in this you can see one in the sea over the other’s shoulder.


And finally, I was trying to protect his modesty, but it seems to look as if I’m doing quite the opposite!


The men were due to be moved to New York in November last year but after a local protest they are to stay.