Well it’s been an odd week. On Tuesday my broadband connection – well just stopped. I’d just ordered an upgrade from my ISP and they had said that the signal would fluctuate for the first week or so. I didn’t bother too much as I was on the road for most of the week, which I was. I was driving to an appointment in Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon and thought it was odd that a lot of the cars had flags on them and photos of Steven Gerrard in the window. gerrard.jpg

Then it dawned on me – it was the European Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan that night in Athens. As I got further into the city centre the atmosphere was amazing. I was due to stay that night and couldn’t have picked a better time for a party. Everybody was wearing red and there were giant screens everywhere. Although they lost it was a fantastic night and they certainly didn’t ‘walk alone’.