I’ve mentioned before about my bus journey from Dar es Saalam to Tanga. As we went further north I noticed an increase in plantations of large spiky plants. I actually thought they were pineapples but it seems they weren’t. They are sisal plantations. The sisal market had collapsed a few years ago but apparently is now on the up again (I’ve no idea why!) It is used to make mats, flooring, handbags and of course cat scratching posts.  You can see why I thought it was pineapple.


Finally Abid Mehboob made a comment on the Battle of Tanga post and he has a site all about Tanga.  In particular I think I’ll find out more about the ‘Lost Hero of Tanga’ the writer Shaaban Robert.  There are loads of photos of Tanga and a large section on the history of the town.