There is a great spoof Mac vs Microsoft video here but this is about Facebook or MySpace. I have an account with both and they have their uses. I like the fact that you can upload 60 photos at a time very easily with Facebook and it seems easier to track people down. having said that – I’ve only got about 5 friends on there I think, but I’ve only been on there about a week. I’m also very conscious that it is the student social network but there are more of us oldies so we’ll just make our own networks. MySpace is better for music and bands, though I really can’t be bothered ‘pimping’ my own page as is the parlance.

All my Tanzania photos are on my facebook page as well as some rather silly work ones. I have different friends on each so I suppose there is a place for both – please don’t ask me to join Bebo, Xanga or any others though – I haven’t enough time in the day!