Bill Nighy was on the news last night with a report about how aid is working in Tanzania.  Primary schooling has been free in Tanzania since 2001 but the consequence of this is that there are sometimes class sizes of 100 or more.  In fact Kizzi and Alex at Tukae had classes of this size at the school at Amani.

Although Bill was at a totally different area of Tanzania from where I was  the problem of equipping schools is country wide.  He also visited a hospital where relatives of patients had to carry them miles to get there for treatment.  When they are there they  have to stay with them to feed them as the hospital can only afford one bowl of porridge per day.  When staff were taken ill at Tukae, usually malaria,  they were fortunate enough to be taken down to the hospital by Steve in the 4 x 4.  I think he’s had some pretty hairy trips when the weather was bad – it was tricky enough when the weather was good!