Hallam Foe directed by Dave Mackenzie is being released in the UK on the 31 August, though I seem to recall it has already been trailed as being part of the TV schedules. Anyway, Hugh McLeod at Gapingvoid is holding a ‘bloggers’ screening‘ in London on June 14th. Not only will Dave be there but also leading man Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot fame and there will be a question and answer session after the screening. If you want tickets just email Hugh from the link above and then have a great night.

More news from Gapingvoid – Hugh did a promotional tour of Tescos in the UK in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day earlier this year, to promote the wine Stormhoek, from a small vinyard in South Africa. He was responsible for the ‘Threshers virus’ at Christmas and Easter this year. He is now offering a free wine voucher for the first 500 people to send him a photo of themselves in or outside a Tesco and holding a bottle of Stormhoek wine. You don’t even have to purchase the wine! Good luck – you’ll need to live near a large Tesco store – my local one doesn’t sell it.