It has been reported that some Universities are switching their email to Google.  Trinity College Dublin has already switched which means that students there can keep their email address when they leave and therefore will be Google customers for life. Google will be able to use the valuable data from the email traffic.  Privacy issues are worrying; Google have a profile of you from how you use their products.

With its online tools many students are using it for coursework.  In fact my colleagues and I are currently working on a google document collaboratively, as we are not always in the same office at the same time and it means we can all work on the same document at the same time.  It is that last bit that is crucial for us.

Universities in Rwanda, Egypt and Kenya are also using the education package.  I’m sure these were all discussed at the recent eLearning Africa conference in Nairobi at the end of May.  I did try to persuade my manager that is was essential for me to go, but no luck.  It’s reported in Africa News.   I’m sure technology will help to bring education to the young people of Africa and I am particularly interested in mLearning (mobile learning – using mobile phones or hand held devices) as I think there is great potential there.