I heard on the radio last week that two climbers had reached the summit of Everest wearing only the type of clothes that were available to George Mallory in his doomed 1920’s attempt at the summit.  The idea was to show that Mallory and his partner Sandy Irvine could in fact have reached the summit.  Mallory’s body was found in 1999 just over 2,000 feet short of the summit, by Conrad Anker who was one of the climbers in this attempt.  Conrad and his partner Leo Houlding set off up the Chinese side of the mountain wearing only the hob-nailed boots and tweeds of the 1924 expedition.

However, when you read the detailed report, it seems they didn’t.  It was too cold to shun modern hi-tech textiles in favour of replica clothes from the 1920’s.  So although they did manage to reach the summit without the use of a ladder which is permanently in place they did so using modern equipment.

So it’s just another Everest climb then,  and not really news worthy.  They must have tricked a few news agencies because I heard it on BBC radio.  In case you think I’m being harsh – there have been at least 514 successful conquests of Everest – this year!