I happened to catch the last few minutes of the Falklands Ceremony on the TV yesterday. A few thoughts, who on earth thought it was a good idea to have everyone singing ‘Sailing’ . It was fine as a theme tune to a reality TV show but for massed voices – dear me, it sounded dreadful. Then there was the march past of all the troops and veterans. Do you think it might have been a good idea to remind Prince Andrew about being in step? He was mostly out of time and when he was in time, he was out of step – the poor senior officer next to him had to keep skipping to try to stay in time with him. I suppose if you are marching next to a Royal Duke, the Royal Duke is right, but he looked a bumbling prat and put to shame the smart sailors next to him.


Finally the fly past was good and the Red Arrows were a fab finale but I was disappointed not to have a Vulcan there. I’m not even sure if there is a serviceable one left but it would have been nice to see one.