I have a number of RSS feeds that I check on a regular basis, mainly work but some just from interest. One of these is a blog ‘Green Gathering’ and it’s by Ian Green an ex-journalist and now a partner in a communications company. As a PR company they frequently get requests from journalists for copy or even pointers to stories.

A recent post of his highlights the astonishing requests that PR companies get from lazy journalists. “We’re looking for genuine members of the mile high club” or “I would like to speak to women who have had at least two abortions”. Which companies that he may be promoting might be able to produce these do you think. The most alarming thing of it all is that as these requests continue to roll in, they must in part be successful. The full text of the post is here.

So Ian if you read this – I’d like a holiday too and I promise to write all about it and give the holiday provider all the credit for their stupidity!