Despite all the stereotypes, there was a study reported last week that showed that men and women talk about the same amount each day. About a year ago it was claimed that women spoke three times more than men at 20,000 words a day. A further study from the University of Texas at Austin’s psychology department shows that this is untrue.

They used a devise which recorded 30 seconds of ambient noise, including conversations, every 12.5 minutes. This was worn by the 396 students tested and was tamper proof. The results showed that men and women spoke about the same amount each day – even including the most economical speaker (500 words) to the totally verbose – at a wapping 47,000, most people use about 16,000 words a day.

However, it’s not all myth busting. Men tended to talk about concrete objects whereas women talked about other people – ie gosssiping. Well we are interested in people not just cars, sport and gadgets!