It was reported earlier this week that after an internet poll a new seven wonders of the world have been announced. They are – Machu Pichu, The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer statue at Rio, Mayan ruins at Chichin Itza, The Colleseum in Rome and Petra in Jordan. The final one is one place I would really like to visit. Stonehenge in Britain and the Eiffel Tower in Paris both failed to make the final seven.

So I thought I’d invent my own seven wonders. I haven’t nailed the final couple but will start with a building that I just love even though she is very run down and last time I went past looked well beyond her best – Battersea Power Station.


It’s sleek elegant lines just make my heart sing – ahhh. Built in 1939 to provide power for London it was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott who was also responsible for the red telephone box and Liverpool Cathedral (which I think will also get in my top seven).


It originally only had two towers with one at either end.  A mirror image of the original generating plant was built in the fifties giving it its famous four towers.  It has had several owners since it stopped producing electricity and as yet no-one has managed to find a suitable use for it.  Its final owners are an Irish company that bought it for £400m in 2006.   I do hope they manage to redevelop it – it’s too iconic and elegant to be left to decay.