I had a totally new experience this weekend. I had been invited by a friend to go to the semi final of the Rugby League Challenge Cup in Huddersfield. I was initially a little wary but on consideration decided it would be a good idea. Thank goodness I did, it was fantastic. The game was between St Helens and Bradford Bulls. Any doubts I had that I would be bored were quickly dismissed as the action is fast and furious. The ferocity of some of the tackles had me reeling as even up in the stand you could hear the numbing thuds as they collided.


I was sitting with St Helens support staff and within a couple of minutes I was shouting and screaming like the rest of them. The match provided everything with a brilliant drop goal, a fantastic intercept that produced a 60 yard run and a try and as Bradford got more and more frustrated some punch ups. The result was a good one with the Saints winning by 35-14. They’re off to Wembley or as they sang it – Wem-ber-lee. The singing was something else and very very funny. Thanks guys and really entertaining and enjoyable afternoon – I don’t think I’ve clapped so much ever!