Today the 1st August is traditionally Yorkshire Day.  The choice of 1 August for Yorkshire day is based on events that occurred in the Seven Years War, which was fought in Europe, India and North America between 1756 and 1763. On 1 August, 1759, a combined force of 41,000 British, Hanoverian and Prussian troops defeated a 51,000-strong French army at the battle of Minden in what is now Germany. After the battle, the British soldiers picked white roses and wore them as a tribute to their fallen comrades. Since that day, a number of Yorkshire-based regiments have worn white roses on 1 August to commemorate the events of 1759 and all those from Yorkshire who have fallen in battle since.

It’s also an excuse for the many people who were removed from Yorkshire with the 1974 boundary changes to celebrate their original homeland and indomitable spirit (bloody mindedness!).