Jane Hart is the head of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technolgies and has an interesting blog ‘pick of the day‘ showcasing different elearning tools.

She has just posted an invitation to suggest your own top ten tools for working and learning. I’ve sent mine to her so thought I’d add them here.

1 Firefox and Thunderbird simply for ease of use – does what it says on the tin

2 WordPress – easy to use and gives you loads of background information about your site and this is written in it.

3 Wikispaces – couldn’t manage without this – use it for collaborative working with colleagues in two different time zone 20 hours apart – so versatile and I’m learning more about its use all the time.

4 Statcounter – superb stat provider for your site. Check the link at the bottom of the left hand column to give you stats for this blog.

5 Wikipedia – even with the inaccuracies, it’s an easy first place to go for basics

6 Skype – what is there to say – you can talk globally for free, can’t be bad.

7 Netvibes – just realised how much I need this when working away from my own laptop. I was lost without my feed reader so needed an online one.

8 Facebook – great for keeping up with folks you don’t see on a regualar basis.

9 Jaiku – great micro blogging site which can import feeds from your contacts

10 Mindjet and Bubbl.us – useful for ordering thoughts, ideas and projects – bubbl.us is fantastic for collaborative work

I’ve just realised that I used Google to find the links above and haven’t included that. I did consider iGoogle for one of the ten but thought that needing to know the phase of the moon and how to insult someone in Shakesperean language a little trivial. I never thought about Google itself, it shows how it has become such entrenched in our way of working.